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What is Qiqqa Premium?

If you use Qiqqa extensively - or just want to support our work - you'll enjoy the extra features packed into a Qiqqa Premium membership. It costs only a few dollars a month. Members automatically get access to any new Premium features we add.

Hover over the icons within Qiqqa Desktop for more information about each Premium feature.

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What are the features?

The current Premium features include:

  • No adverts or sponsored messages
  • A whopping 10 gigabytes of free storage
  • Annotation report filtering
  • Jump to annotation from preview
  • Access the full list of documents within an Expedition™ theme (instead of 10)
  • Choose the number of themes in your Expedition™
  • Quick insertion of recommended citations within InCite™
  • Set up to 10 bookmarks for each PDF (instead of 2)
  • Open password protected PDFs
  • Extra document highlighter colors
  • Web sharing of more documents, for longer
  • No Qiqqa watermark on the front page of exported documents
  • Create and join more than 10 libraries
  • Exclude & include lists for your AutoTags
  • Customizable web search tabs
  • Convert batches of Microsoft Word files into PDF
  • Restrict your searches to custom BibTeX records
  • Add user-defined keys to the BibTeX Editor
  • Add frequently use user-defined search queries to the Search Box
  • Private intranet read-only syncing (non-cloud)
  • Automatically re-open libraries, documents and remember window locations at startup
  • Choose your app background color from 4 billion (instead of 6)
  • Search history remembered even if you restart Qiqqa
  • Mass download all PDFs from a webpage
  • Mass edit tags, bibtex and review information for many docs
  • Export a Pivot Table of your library statistics, e.g. tag-vs-tag, tag-vs-author, author-vs-year (500 rows)
  • Filter your Annotation Report by creation and follow-up date
  • PDF speed reader
  • If you select PDF annotations in your brainstorm and press 'P', they turn into their underlying document image
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you're supporting our hard work!

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"Just bought my 1-year premium membership to Qiqqa. Had to support this program, because it pretty much rocks. All the organization tools for my PDF library are absolutely amazing." - rschuet