Qiqqa Sync

All your stuff, whenever you need it

These days many of us work on different computers. Perhaps you have a home desktop, a lab laptop, and even a tablet that goes with you to the beach. (Ok, perhaps that last bit is wishful thinking.)

Using Qiqqa's Web Library, you can stop constantly copying files onto a USB stick to move them from one machine to the other. No more emailing back and forth. Just sync your documents to your Web Library and they're available wherever you are - online and offline.

More than documents

It's not just the PDFs themselves that are synced. Your annotations, tags and all other metadata comes along for the ride too, so you can pick up your work just where you left off.

How does it work?

You can install Qiqqa on as many machines as you like. Just log in with the same Qiqqa username and password, and click the sync button. Your Libraries will appear and you can get going.

What about mobile devices or computers where I can't install Qiqqa?

We have a dedicated Android companion version of Qiqqa. While we're working on bringing Qiqqa to as many platforms as possible, you can always access your Web Library using a regular web browser (including mobile browsers). You can search your library and download the PDF to view it, even without the Qiqqa application.

Any limits?

No! Using our unlimited storage facility, you can upload any number of files, of any size.

Is it expensive?

Nope - you get a bunch of free space, and then it's dirt cheap - typically a few dollars a year. Pricing details.

Can I access my documents offline as well as online?

Yes. One of the reasons we built this was to support being able to read and annotate papers whilst travelling, in the park, and so on.

My company has rules disallowing this kind of syncing

Premium+ membership allows you to sync only on your local network.

If I use Qiqqa, do I have to sync?

Nope. You can always keep all your documents completely local on your machine if you want to. Totally your choice.

How do I get started?

Create a Qiqqa account, download Qiqqa and then just add your documents!