Unlimited Storage

Qiqqa lets you sync your data between many computers by storing your data on the web. We give you a fairly hefty 2000 MB of Free Allowance (10000 MB if you're a Premium member). But what if you need more?

No limits

We know that for serious research you probably need unlimited storage to keep all your documents. So we've programmed the Qiqqa servers to store your documents securely using Amazon's service, which can handle any amount of data you throw at it. Hooray!

What does it cost?

The numbers really are tiny: a dollar or two should easily keep your library going for a year!

How affordable are our storage prices? Some examples for you:

  • To store 500MB of docs for a month, as well as upload and download 100MB will cost you $0.13 for the month.
  • A library of 1Gb will cost $0.19 to upload, $0.19 for each month you leave it with us, and $0.19 each time you want to sync the ENTIRE library to a new computer.
  • A bigger library with 1.5GB of docs stored for a month, and 200MB of uploads and downloads will cost you $0.36 for the month.

What about shared libraries?

Anyone that has access to a library can top it up. This will add to the library balance, which will benefit everyone that uses the library - the docs will be stored for longer, and all library users will be able to sync their data.

What happens if my library runs out of money?

  • If your total library space is above the Free Allowance, you won't be able to sync your PDFs until a library is topped up or some of the PDFs are deleted.
  • If your library has been in the red for a while and you make a payment, we won't deduct the negative balance from the payment. That means you won't be penalised for reviving a dormant library down the line. We'd prefer you topped up the existing library than started a new library from scratch!
  • We do reserve the right to delete your PDFs from our servers if the balance becomes negative for too long. We don't delete your PDFs immediately, so there is a chance that your docs will still be waiting for you if you top up soon enough. In this way you avoid having to pay any upload charges again.

Great. How do I get it?

Just edit your library and click the top-up link. You can pay via PayPal account or credit card. Easy!

Click here for more specifics on exact pricing, the Free Storage Allowance, and Premium

Exact Pricing

We charge a nightly storage fee based on the size of the PDFs we are storing for you. We also charge for syncing new PDF documents to your Web Library, and fetching PDF documents from your Web Library onto new computers.

These are the costs we charge, including tax:

Storage Space $0.19 per GB for a month (billed pro-rata nightly)
Downloads $0.19 per GB (billed at sync time)
Uploads $0.19 per GB (billed at sync time)

Please note that we deduct the PayPal transaction cost from your payments - this is typically $0.05 + 5% of the transaction amount. PayPal also applies a 2.5% currency-conversion spread for non-USD payments. For a $1 transaction, the total fee is around $0.10 for US users, or around $0.13 for non-US users.

We reserve the right to change these charges at any time, particularly to reflect changes in the fee structure of our providers. The costs for Amazon's S3, where we store your documents, are described here.

Paid vs Free Libraries, Premium, etc.

  • All Qiqqa users get a free amount of storage - your Free Allowance. When you have a Premium membership, this amount is larger.
  • Documents in your Free libraries that are synced, count against this Free Allowance. Free libraries are libraries you have not topped-up (paid money into). If you create a library, it starts as Free of course.
  • Once you top-up a library, it is no longer a Free library. Your Free Allowance only counts against your Free libraries.


  • You start off with Library A. It's a Free Library. You can store 2000 MB (much more if premium), for as long as you like, for free. This is your Free Storage Allowance.
  • You add Library B. It too is a Free Library. Your Free Allowance is now distributed between both libraries.
  • You now embark on a project that needs a large amount of storage space for some reason.
  • You top-up Library B with $5. It is now a Paid Library.
  • All your Free Allowance can now be used for Library A.

Note that:

  • Library B's credit is totally independent of any other libraries you have, or join.
  • This makes sense - you can invite a friend to share Library B, and they can contribute to funding it as necessary
  • If Library B ran out of credit, it would revert to being a Free Library. Its contents would then count against your Free Allowance.
  • If you Free Allowance meets your needs, there is generally no need to add funds to a library.